The original PTR rifle was first conceived in 2002, when a predecessor company purchased tooling and designs for the HK line of roller-lock weapons from Fabrica Militar of Portugal.

Initially, small quantities HK-91 “clone” rifles were produced, mostly from surplus parts acquired around the world. From 2002-2006, the reputation of the PTR-91 rifle grew considerably along with the market for it.

PTR was organized in 2006 to meet that demand. Over the next few years, the company consistently grew its capabilities. Expanding beyond the original 91 “clone”, PTR began to introduce many other models and variants to suit different shooting applications. Today the company is known affectionately as just “PTR”, due to the fact that the product offerings have expanded well beyond the original PTR-91 rifle.

In 2011 PTR stands light-years away from its humble beginnings. The company was re-organized in 2010 with new management, new capital, new focus, and higher expectations.

Today, PTR is a full-fledged 21st century firearms manufactur- ing firm, capable of much more than just “clone” rifles. Rather than just assembly personnel and work-benches in the early years, PTR now employs gunsmiths, engineers, toolmakers, and machinists who work with state of the art technology to bring our customers a truly modern firearm. PTR is also no longer dependent on foreign surplus markets – it has the capability to produce every part for PTR rifles right here in the United States.

The company has also drastically improved its resources in customer service and support. PTR today produces fine quality firearms in multiple calibers for a variety of applications across the shooting disciplines.

The new PTR is committed to providing top-quality firearms to the most discerning shooters be they military, law-enforcement, or civilian. Along with this commitment comes the obligation to stand by every part and firearm that leaves the factory, and provide the customer an excellent experience long after his purchase comes out of the box.

PTR is looking forward to making even further strides towards becoming a world-wide leader in modern roller-lock firearms, and it is through you – the customer – that it will do that.

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